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Star Tattoo Design Ideas

Star tattoo designs are the most popular ones and both men and women are fascinated by these tattoos. They are the first of their kind and very simple in design. However, they have a very striking feature. Just wear a black star tattoo and you can boast a sexy look.

Stars are symbols of the universe and believed to have a metaphysical meaning. It is the oldest of all symbols and is significantly noticed. Stars don’t belong to any religion and is universally liked. It is the best symbol to enhance your body arts. Star tattoos are classified as:

Shooting Star - these are the most popular images and look very pretty when drawn on your body. It is believed that these tattoos can make your wish come true. Shooting star tattoos can include stalk of small and beautiful stars. It covers a larger area and looks gorgeous. These tattoos are a symbol of good luck and success.

Nautical Star - this is a masculine tattoo idea and it suites every man. It is also considered as old school. These tats are very popular and were used by sailors as a symbol of protection and guidance. It is star with 5 points, half split and filled with colors, usually white and black is used. Nautical stars are regarded as the “light in the darkness”. It symbolizes good health and prosperity in Ireland. This tattoo has a special place in the lesbian and gay community as well. It is also known to be a punk rock design of tattoos.

Moon Star - as the name suggest, it represents a night view of the sky full of stars and the moon. It looks like a fairy tale. It does not have any symbolic meaning but looks gorgeous.

Pentagram Star - it has a spiritual and a religious meaning. It has different symbolic meanings and is a 5 pointed start tattoo.

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