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Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

Unlike the people who prefer to keep their tattoos personal, there are others who would like to show off their tattoos and make it known to the world that they have one. Such tattoo ideas are usually done on the neck where they are exposed all the time and make a fashion statement for the person who wears it. Such people have daring views and do not want to hide their physical appearance from anyone. They may have some bold tattoos done so that they can create an impression on others about their dare devil attitude.

Those who plan to expose their neck tattoos must keep in mind that there will be some job implications in getting employment. All areas of employment are not open to hiring people with such blatant tattoos and would even not be prepared to hire those who have piercing in obvious places like their lips, eyebrows etc. This sort of thing is alright in art and craft shops where there is an artistic inclination and the weirdest forms are accepted. Not only are neck tattoos quite exposed, they are also very painful. So think about whether you are prepared to go through this agony or not and whether your job allows you to have such a tattoo done in the first place.

Neck tattoos take a while to heal as the clothing keeps chaffing it and may need retouching too. To keep the color of the tattoo on the neck fresh it is best to apply sunscreen to it when exposing it to the sunlight. It is best to take your time in choosing a neck tattoo as this is going to be a very visible one and you should be sure that you would like to have your tattoo seen. So go through the catalogues and designs carefully before choosing your neck tattoo ideas. We also have tattoo ideas on other parts of the body: ankle, arm, arm band, back, body, chest, foot, lower back, and wrist tattoos.

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